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  1. Stories should follow proper manuscript format (Details and Example)
  2. Original content, must be written by you
  3. Never published before
  4. Not more than 10,000 words
  5. PDF or Word Document
  6. Submitted on or before July 31st, 2018
  7. Participants must either be currently residing in Pakistan, or be of Pakistani birth/descent
  8. Entries must be in English
  9. One story per entrant
  10.  Please don’t place your name, address, or other identifiers within the body of the story. Please place those in the submission email with the story attached as .pdf or .doc
  11. Please don’t quote another author or poet whose work is not in the public domain unless you have explicit permission from said author or poet.

What’s acceptable?

The scope is broad. Anything from alien invasions to fantasy universes, and comic science fiction to dark fantasies is valid. The aim is to encourage imaginative fiction so anything that falls under the broad category of science fiction and fantasy, will be accepted.

What’s not acceptable though is religiously-oriented stories of good versus evil, stories that target a particular group/community, or stories that contain hate speech.